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Browne-Penn Special School

In 2017 SLAS established the Browne-Penn Special Education School, the first ever ' special' school in Sierra Leone for children with autism, and other developmental disabilities whom SLAS feels can benefit from the school's programmes. The school's educational programme covers all aspects of the curriculum and are adapted to ensure every child participates effectively. Each child has an individual education plan (IEP) with specific goals to ensure progress. Trained and qualified staff ensures that children are effectively taught not only academic work, but also self-help and social skills, with substantial opportunities for learning through play. There is ample opportunity for pupils to interact with their non-autistic/non-disabled peers. 

SLAS ensures opportunity for recreational visits for its pupils in the educational programme to aid learning, build community relationships and to develop social skills. Additionally, SLAS has links with mainstream schools, and undertake school trips and other activities (educational and non-educational) with their partner school to ensure and support inclusive education and increase visibility. 


Playtime at BPSS


Playtime at Browne-Penn SPED School

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